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Sodeco Trading Ltd, established in 2017 is a blockchain investment firm that allows individuals to invest in the crypto currency market through a series of closed-end funds.


Bitcoin has become the most traded and recognized cryptocurrency...


An investment fund will be trading in a basket of Cryptocurrencies over a period cycle of six months...

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In 2008 and under the pseudonym “Satoshi Nakamoto” a group of finance professionals and IT experts came up with an ecosystem that changed the global investment system. This signified the birth of the Bitcoin concept and the first functional and secure digital currency.

Bitcoin and Blockchain

Bitcoin has become the most traded and recognized cryptocurrency and represents around 50% of the total market value in USD. There are a lot of other cryptocurrencies known as alternative currencies or ALT-currencies. It is possible today to pay for certain goods and services in Bitcoin.

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This alternative asset market has grown significantly since the beginning of 2017 and cryptocurrency traders around the world have taken advantage of the altcoin growth to invest in various cryptocurrencies free from any government intervention.

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